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Dashboard permission turned off for role but still showing in menu and works when clicked in menu


I have a dashboard that I only want to have visible if specific user roles, admin and miq_admin. When I log in as a user with miq_user role menu item is still there and can click and view the dashboard. Using splunk 7.3.0. I have restarted splunk and still not working as expected.
alt text

alt text

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I assume that you mean withOUT miq_user role, right?

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Hi @simpkins1958,

Have you had the same issue before ?

It seems to me that your user role is somehow inheriting from your admin role. Are the roles linked ? Make sure they are isolated to avoid having one role access the same as the other.

You can try this by creating an independent role and see if that role has access as well, it could also be because they are all inheriting from the "user" role.


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can you navigate to settings > user and authentication >access controls > roles
Now, select miq_user role, can you check the if this role has permission to the underlying app or index which ic linked to the dashboard?
You need to remove the permissions from the specified user role

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