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Dashboard option to hide panels and persist for specific user

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I know you can edit dashboards, create your own, add reports to dashboard etc etc etc.

But can you create a custom dashboard with the option of allowing a user to hide and display specific panels on that dashboard that he or she may or may not be interested in? Also have that configuration persist every time they log on?

Long story short, I created a custom dashboard for a client but wants the options to hide and show certain panels. Similar to how you can show and hide KSIs within the ES app.

Thanks for any and all help!

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For exemple you can add checkbox for each dashboard that set a specific token, like this :

 <input type="checkbox" token="show1"> 
 <label>Show Dashboard 1 </label>  

Then you can use "depends" on your chart panel like this :

<chart depends="$show1$"> 

But, this solution is not persistent...

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The solution is persistent if the user bookmarks the URL which includes the URIs for his selections for the hide/show controls.

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Hi jcspigler2010,
Splunk hasn't an option to hide or show panels in a dashboard by user, but you could use a workaround.
You should try to configure your dashboard using a link switcher: you can see how to do it in Splunk 6.x Dashboard Example "Link Switcher" (https://splunkbase.splunk.com/app/1603/).
In this example there's an example that shows different panels by clicking on different buttons, you could switch between your panel and an empty html box.
Clicking on "Show" button you'll see your panel, instead clicking on "Hide" button, you'll see only the two buttons (Show - Hide).


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I think I answered my own question partially...

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