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What are some ways that you can go about doing this?

5 Dashboards with simple xml. 10 row tags. All are displayed in one column.

Have a url direct to one of the dashboards (dashboard_1). In dashboard_1, 2 links, previous and next. Previous link is disabled because it is set on the first dashboard. Click next link to redirect to dashboard_2 and so on. Meanwhile in dashboard_5, next is disabled because you have hit the last dashboard.

I have already tried using html to display links of all dashboards essentially displaying 5 links. What would you have to do to just have 2 links to navigate?

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Use HTML modules to achieve this.
Sample: In your dashboard view xml, place the HTML module where you want the link to appear.

<module name="HTML">
  <param name="html"><![CDATA[  
            <style type="text/css"> 
                  .HTML a {
                        float: right;
                 // define your other CSS styles                        
            <a href="/splunkApp/en-US/app/<app_name>/report?q=QueryParams> Right Link</a> 

Dont forget to set app_name and QueryParams

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