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Dashboard click to another but keep dasboard (radio) params


Hello all,

So, now we are faced with keeping and/or parsing the radio button selection/value (i.e. dev, prod, qa, etc.) to the next dashboard when selecting or drilldown in a dashboard. I attempted removing the <default> value from the XML but that didn't seem to get any results. Any thought or ideas are greatly appreciated...



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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @leomedina,
If I'm understanding your question correctly, it sounds like you can set a token in your target dashboard (the one that opens when a user clicks on the drilldown) to the selected value from the source.

Use the token that represents the selected value in the source, and pass that value to the target as part of the drilldown. Depending on where that value should propagate, set the appropriate token in the target to that selected value.

Something like:

  <drilldown target="blank">
       <!-- Access the input on the target form, which is in the same app  -->
       <!-- sourcetype.tok is the token for an input to the target form    -->

See http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/6.6.0/Viz/DrilldownLinkToDashboard for more info in our docs.

Hope that helps!

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