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Dashboard Migration from one splunk server to another



I have 2 splunk servers one is test and another is production. Now I have some extra dashboards in test server under one app which I don't have on Production server under that same app. What I mean to say is I have 6 dashboard under one app on test server and on the other side on production server i have 4 dashboards under the same app so i have to migrate only that 2 dashboard to my production server so any insights will be appreciated.



When I've needed to replicate a dashboard across different servers (even different deployments and networks) I've always just gone into the dashboard and selected 'Edit Source' under the Edit menu. Copy the XML. Create a dashboard on the destination server and select the 'Edit Source' option and paste the XML from the original. I don't necessarily know if this is best practice, but it's a quick and easy way to do it. Just make sure that the searches in the dashboard aren't powered by any knowledge objects in the test server that aren't also on your production box.

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