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So, I'm new to dashboard and styling. (I have very limited experience with CSS / JS).

I currently have a dashboard built up and I want to style it. Looking online there are multiple ways

  • HTML / CSS / JS
  • node.js (I dont have experience with node.js)
  • Simple XML Reference with CSS stylesheet
  1. Whats the easiest approach to learn and deliver a custom dashboard. I'm mainly aiming at Simple XML Reference dashboard with CSS. Is that okay?
  2. I do have one major question - online I see people adding EXTERNAL .css file in the app/static directory, which requires the splunk system to be rebooted, Would it better to use the inline approach of styling within the XML code and then extracting to make the process faster? What is the best approach to styling?

Looking at this example - https://answers.splunk.com/answers/659719/how-to-add-style-to-panel-titles-in-my-dashboard.html

  1. What is depends="$alwaysHideCSSPanel$"or depends=$HideForCSS$" - I cannot find any documentation on splunk / css for this?
  2. Wouldn't we need to set id= for a xml key inorder to use the css selector .panel or something?
  3. I see someplaces people use #dashboard-panel but without referencing that keyword, in CSS we need to use the class= selector before using it?

Need some general guidance / direction ?

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