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Dashboard Bar Chart Direction

I'm trying something that's probably pretty simple. When I use the dashboard editor to make a dashboard consisting of a couple bar charts; I can't seem to get them turned the proper direction. I'm using the following search string:

searchstring | chart sum(linecount) as Count by fieldname | head 15

When I run the report outside the dashboard and click on show report it shows the way I want it. Which is fieldname with count as horizontal bars. However when I put the search in the dashboard it puts count as vertical bars. Any idea how to flip these? I've tried option="reverse" to no avail.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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Re: Dashboard Bar Chart Direction


There are two chart types that will display bars:

  • Column: This chart type will show veritcal bars (columns)
  • Bar: This chart type will show horizontal bars.-

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Re: Dashboard Bar Chart Direction

Awesome, this pointed me in the right direction. I added the "bar" and now it's displayed correctly. Would be nice if this was an option that could be modified through the gui.

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