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ConvertToIntention - Pass addterm to two locations in search


I'm looking to perform an addterm on a saved search that has a subsearch. I need the value from the addterm passed into both locations. Is there a way to do this with the "flags" option?

index=ems sourcetype="perfmon:perfmon:sqls*" counter="Lazy writes/sec" earliest=@d ADDTERMHERE | timechart partial=f span=30m avg(Value) as LazyWrites | eval marker = "Today" | eval _time = _time+1800 | append [search index=ems sourcetype=perfmon:perfmon:sqls* counter="Laxy writes/sec" earliest=-7d@d-30m latest=-6d@d-30m ANDADDTERMHERE | timechart span=30m avg(Value) as LazyWrites | eval marker = "Same Day Last Week" | eval _time = _time+86400*7+1800 ] | timechart span=30m values(LazyWrites) as "Lazy Writes" by marker

My intention looks like so:

<module name="ConvertToIntention">
   <param name="settingToConvert">host_setting</param>
   <param name="intention">
     <param name="name">addterm</param>
     <param name="arg">
        <param name="host">$target$</param>
      <param name="flags"><list>indexed</list></param>



You can't do it with addterm I'm afraid. Addterm intentions cannot add things into subsearches. Which leaves

a) the 'stringreplace' intention, and you can find some examples of this usage in the UI Examples app.

b) take a look at Sideview Utils which does away with the whole idea of intentions and allows you to plug form element values directly into searches as straight $foo$ tokens. (Full disclosure: i am the creator of Sideview Utils)

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