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Combining multiple base searches into one dashboard chart


I have a dashboard with a couple of base datasources. Let's call them "base_search1" and "base_search2"

I have chained datasources which are used to output
base_search1 | stats avg(field) as a Radial
base_search1 | timechart span=1d avg(field) 

and the same thing for base_search2. This presents nicely as a radial and line chart for both base_search1 and base_search2.

Request: Now, I want to also display the radial and time chart for the combination of base_search1's results and base_search2's results. Assume both datasources both output the same field name that I want to average over. How do I do this? 

Will the solution change if I want to average over more than 2 datasources? Let's say I have 4 base searches on the dashboard.

If this was not on a dashboard, I would do something like base_search1 | append [base_search2] | timechart span=1d avg(field) but I don't know how that translates to working with datasources in dashboards. 

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Hi @ChadW,

it isn't possible to use more than one basesearch in a panel, you you should choose the most important of your searches and use it as base search, and then add the second search (not as basesearch) in the same panel's search.



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