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Choropleth Map - move AK and HI to be viewed on dashboard with continental US


I am looking for a way to move AK and HI on the dashboard to be viewed with the continental US. I did find the following documentation:



However when I convert the JSON to XML it states that 'LogicalBounds' is invalid. Is there a way to use this? I do not want to zoom in and out on my splunk dashboard to view data.

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@andrew_j_kuhn - You need to use following XML option:

mapping.map.fitBounds - (south-lat, west-long, north-lat, east-long)


  <option name="mapping.map.fitBounds">

Find more details about simple XML options for map here - https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/SplunkCloud/8.2.2202/Viz/PanelreferenceforSimplifiedXML#map 


I hope this helps!!!

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That setting seems to be a zoom setting? I am trying to accomplish the map layout to look like this:



Not the colors, but notice how Alaska and Hawaii are moved so they can be easily seen with out panning out or moving the map.

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You need to create/add a geospatial lookup file for that. (that's what describes the map with polygons)

The file format is KMZ.

Splunk comes default with two lookups:

  1. geo_us_states
  2. geo_countries

Reference - https://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/8.2.6/Knowledge/Configuregeospatiallookups 

(In your case you may be tried to clone & update the current US lookup manually or try to see if you can find that lookup on the web somewhere.


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