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Can you link seperate splunk DB gui's in "apps"?


I currently keep several seperate splunk DB's, which are accessible via seperate web links. I am wondering if it is possible to link the seperate splunk DB's within each of the GUI's for each DB platform. In other words, instead of navigating and opening a seperate tab or webpage for a different DB, I would like to be able to select "apps" at the top, and have a link(s) available instead of just the platforms within the DB you are logged into. Logging in again wouldnt be a problem after selecting the new DB. Is this possible? Is there a XML file, or configuration setting that allows this? Thank you!

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Do you have a single machine running as both an indexer and search head for each of your Splunk instances? If so, you can stand up a separate instance as a dedicated search head, and link it to all the existing indexers. Then any users using the dedicated search heads are able to search across indexers seamlessly. You can also have multiple search heads in a load-balanced configuration.

Check out the Search Head Pooling documentation for details.

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