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Can you customize the heatmap colors?


I've got a search where a heatmap really helps highlight values of importance. Unfortunately, the default colors tend to make the 'hotest' values very hard to read.

Is there a way to customize the heatmap colors? I've check the docs and SplunkBase for information on tweaking the colors without luck. I've searched under 'heatmap' and 'SimpleResultsTable'.

Thanks for any pointers.


The official name for what you want is "data overlay." There is a module named DataOverlay in Advanced XML, but you can't set the colors there, either. Take a look at the answers to this question about customized data overlays, especially nick's response. While nick doesn't say how to change the heatmap colors, there is a nice explanation of how you can use css and javascript to change the look of table rows.

There is also an app on splunkbase called rowcolorizer that illustrates how to use css and javascript to set up custom colors.