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Can the width of a navigation collection be modified


In the navigation drop down menu I have several searches with long names. Is it possible to set the width of navigation collection so that the search name does not get truncated. I didn't see any parameters on the following navigation documentation page.


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Yes, but there are caveats.

It's all driven by CSS -- it looks like the width is coming from AppBar.css (at least some of the time):

.AppBar .splMenu-primary ul div.innerMenuWrapper {
   width: 210px;

The simplest thing would be to put your own version of that stanza in appserver/static/application.css. Beware though, if you do that for Search or any of the other apps bundled with Splunk, it will get overwritten every time you upgrade.

You can do it at the view level, but you'd have to modify every view. I'm not aware of an officially sanctioned method for modifying the actual module CSS.

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