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Can't display x value when there are too many columns?

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Hi All,

I found out when the dashboard have too many col in the chart, cannot display the x value,

Can we make the chart larger to display?

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@kennethyeung, what is the field on x-axis? What is your transforming command? Which is the chart visualization you are using? How many data points do you have on x-axis? Do you have single chart in one row or more?

Please add more details so that community members can assist you with your use case.

| makeresults | eval message= "Happy Splunking!!!"
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there are limitations to charts that when they have too many data points, the axis will either start grouping and only showing a few, or might disappear. it depends on what format the axis is in and how many data points there are, etc. More information would be helpful, such as a snippet of the xml/spl. thanks.

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Can you share your search query here ?
you can try to add limit =0 to show all the results
ex. |chart count by sourcetype limit=0

Check this out:

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| sort-"Number of Late"
| table "Name","Number of Late"

Now, i divided into 2 graph, (search)
1 search for more than 5 and another less than 5. if possible, want to use 1 graph to display all record.

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