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Can an interactive flow diagram be created within Splunk?

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I am trying to create a flow diagram that can identify specific steps of my events that will include relevant information.

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Hi @rwills2 ,

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@rwills2 depending on your use case and comfort level with Splunk Dashboard you can pick and choose one of the following options
1) Image Overlay for Data Flow. You can get Splunk Dashboard Examples App which has basic example for this.
2) Status Indicator Custom Visualization with Trellis layout for Data flow. Status Indicator Custom Visualization App is available on Splunkbase.
3) Sankey Diagram - Custom Visualization
4) Parallel Coordinates Custom Visualization
5) Network Topology Custom Visualization
6) Force Directed Graph Custom Visualization
7) Graph Vis
8) Status Matrix Custom Viz

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@rwillis2 you can use SVG to create flow diagrams, dynamically populate count or search query result within boxes in your flow diagram. Or if you have glass tables you can use that too.

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