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CSS BorderRadius for Splunk/Highcharts Bar and Column


Hello, I have been hacking away trying to get a working CSS override for the Highcharts Bar and Column charts. Has anyone managed to get this working? I basically want to remove the sharp square edges from these charts to give them a modern feel.

Also, I have been looking for a way to apply a gradient to the chart sections. These two things could really make a substantial difference, visually. I can't use JS on my environment & I am hoping for a CSS or a hidden simple XML property/value.

Last, I am looking for a donut chart option for the pie charts. It looks like it used to exist but I can't seem to figure out how to enable it on Enterprise Version:7.2.10. I see 3rd party options but I can't use them.



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Charts are often "drawn" with svg - CSS has limited effect on the drawing.

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