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Brain-Storming: Custom command with use of table based checkboxes



I was wondering if anyone done something similar to the following:

Currently as part of our solution... I have created a custom command which will, based on the user input on a form, run a custom command/script on the server which modifies a value in CSV lookup (e.g. switches from "Off" to "On", and vice versa). This lookup is then used in the view as a visualisation. This means that users can easily control a specific field on a specific row in a CSV without having to access the CLI (as this is a requirement for this part).

What I wanted to do to enhance this is to have a check box per row of the table (showing the CSV), and then the script will run the custom command for each of the selected rows (i.e. for rows x,y and z change field#5 to "off"/"on"). I can do the script side of it (I think, as I can modify what I already have), however I am not sure where to start in having a check box for each row enabling users to have a more intuatative interface.

Any ideas welcome,



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Did you ever figure out how to do this? I would be very interested in hearing about your solution.

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