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Best way to have a dashboard radio selector for specific hosts or a sourcetype which is then used in a panel's search?


I have a few dashboards where I set up radio buttons that let the user select which host to search for. The panels each have a host=$selectedHost at the start to constrain the search. This works well except we also have a few sourcetypes set up where some groups of hosts have been created.

I need a way on a dashboard to let the user select a specific host or select a sourcetype, but I can't think of a way to have the search in a panel do one or the other. By that I mean "(if $selectedHost!=null then host=$selectedHost) else (sourcetype=$selectedSourcetype) the rest of the search".

I suspect that there is a better way to do this in general and am looking for any tidbits on how best to select either from a list of hosts or a list of sourcetypes to constrain a search.

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How about this (run anywhere example)

  <fieldset submitButton="false">
    <input type="radio" token="selectedFilter">
      <label>Filter Selector</label>
      <choice value="sourcetype=splunkd">sourcetype=splunkd</choice>
      <choice value="source=*license_usage.log">source=*license_usage.log</choice>
          <query>index=_internal $selectedFilter$ | head 10</query>
        <option name="type">list</option>
        <option name="count">10</option>
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You can give two different drop downs and default them to *
if they select host, they will leave the sourcetype at * and if they select sourcetype they will leave host as *

host=host1 sourcetype=*


host=* sourcetype=sourcetype1

Does this work for your case?

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The idea was helpful but I did it a little differently.

The host selector radio buttons had a field called hostVar and each one was set to a different hostname.

The change that I made was to add after each hostname value 'sourcetype=' so they look like this:
hostVar=host1 sourcetype=

I also added a new radio button for a sourcetype selection that has a value that looks like this:
sourcettype=mysourcetype hostVar=*

That panels already have this so the above works:
host=$hostVar$ my query

I'm not a pro at querying but the above seems to work.

tks for the suggestion

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