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Background color table using CSS



I want to add background color to a table in a panel using css but without using "!important" as I dont want to overwrite existing configuration of panel in dashboard. 
Acutal requirement: https://community.splunk.com/t5/Dashboards-Visualizations/Css-Overwrites-existing-feature-within-das...

<panel depends="$alwaysHideCSS$">

#table1 .table th, .table td{ background-color: #808080 !important; }
#table1 .table th, .table tr{ background-color: #FFA500 !important; }

#Panel1 .dashboard-panel,#Panel .dashboard-panel {
background: #808080 !important;


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You are not showing it here but presumably you are formatting cells in the dashboard?

Try formatting them all with the background before other formatting

        <format type="color">
          <colorPalette type="expression">#808080</colorPalette>
        <format type="color" ...

You can then remove  the td styling

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