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Auto-refresh dashboard changes time


I have an advanced XML dashboard that is set to refresh=20 like so:

<view autoCancelInterval="90" refresh="20" isVisible="true" objectMode="SimpleForm" onunloadCancelJobs="true" template="dashboard.html">

However, when I run a custom time (yesterday at 4pm), it will run the search on that interval at first, but then when it refreshes the dashboard it will default to another generic time such as "Today". If I initially set the time to a generic time such as "Last 60 Minutes", when it refreshes it will run that same time again, working as intended.

All the HiddenSavedSearches have no time interval, as it is being specified TimeRangePicker module like so:

<module name="TimeRangePicker" layoutPanel="viewHeader">
    <param name="searchWhenChanged">True</param>
    <module name="SubmitButton">
      <param name="allowSoftSubmit">True</param>
      <param name="label">Search</param>

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