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Application.js jquery to customize table SimpleResultsTable


I'm attempting to modify cells in a table based on a condition.

Currently I have the following, which doesn't work:

if (Splunk.util.getCurrentView() == 'myView' ) {
$(document).ready( function() {
$('.SimpleResultsTable td').css('background-color', '#ffff00');

The above code does work to turn the entire table yellow when I replace "SimpleResultsTable td" with "SimpleResultsTable".

So, why can't I change the background of a cell(td)? I have also attempted a row(tr).

My theory is that because all of these tables say "loading" for several seconds, my javascript is firing before these table elements exist. In fact, if I inspect the code before the tables have loaded, I can see the SimpleResultsTable div is empty.

Can anyone suggest a way to accomplish this?


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Swap out $(documnet).ready for $(document).ajaxComplete

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Swap out $(documnet).ready for $(document).ajaxComplete

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Thanks, worked!

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