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Adding a drop-down list in the form


Hi, I am wondering how to add a drop-down list in a dashboard/form.

The situation is the following: I have a bunch of queries that I would like to run against a specific customer. Let's say that I have: {Customer1, Customer2, Customer3,...Customer n} and the queries:
- Query 1: ... | search customerName="Customer1";
- Query 2: ... | search customerName="Customer1";
- ....
- Query m: ... | search customerName="Customer1";

I would like these queries to run against the CustomerX selected from the drop-down list {Customer1, Customer2, Customer3,...Customer n}

Is possible to get this done using Splunk? Any help will be more than welcome.

I'm using Splunk 6.0

Many thanks.

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I managed to get a solution for my own question 🙂

The code that is required is the following using Simple XML:

<input type="dropdown" token="customer">
<default>Alaska </default>
<label>Select a Customer name: </label>
<populatingSearch fieldForValue="customerName" fieldForLabel="customerName">
<![CDATA[eventtype=xxx | stats count by customerName]]>
<title>Function Usage </title>
<searchString>eventtype=xxx| search customerName="$customer$" | yyy </searchString>
<option name="wrap">true </option>
<option name="rowNumbers">false </option>
<option name="dataOverlayMode">none </option>
<option name="drilldown">row </option>
<option name="count">10 </option>


  1. fieldForValue and fieldforLabel match with the field extracted from the populating search, in this case customerName,
  2. The searchString is using $customer$ as value for customerName as customer is the variable name used for token in the dropdown.
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