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I have been searching for a post similar to mine and just have not found it. I have to add some user inputs to a search. The process is we are assigning gps units to specific serial numbers for tracking purposes. The gps unit will be put on a product then removed when the product leaves one of our facilities. I would like to be able to barcode scan the unit then barcode scan the serial number and have it be in my searches. I threw together a lookup file to do this, but I feel like there is a better way to do this. 

The only references i would really need are the gps_id and the serial_number. 

I'll gladly give more description as necessary. I'm only partly familiar with more advnaced html, css, and js. 

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You can get user input to a dashboard by using the input elements. These can set tokens which can then be used on searches in the dashboard. Sorry for a generic answer. If you want something more specific, please ask.

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