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Add a link to setup page in default.xml


i'm using splunk6 and I want to add a link to the /setup page into my default.xml.

the only way I found is to add this line into the xml file:

<a href="/manager/APP_NAME/apps/local/APP_NAME/setup?action=edit">Configuration</a>

But in this way I have the app name hardcoded into the file. Does it exist a way to make the name dynamic?

I tried something like

<a href="${make_url('app/%s/?setup=1' % APP['id'])}">Configuration</a>

but with no success.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Here's what I used and it worked for me:

<a href="/manager/<splunk_app>/apps/local/<splunk_app>/setup?action=edit">Setup My App</a>

This works fine if you want to have a link to the setup page for your app. Just replace with your app's name.