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I read the user manual and find that Rows can accommodate up to three panels. If our customer want to display up to 10 Singles in a row what can I do ?

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You can use <row grouping="3,3,3"> to get a three by three grid of singles.

You can convert your ten single value searches into a table search somehow. For example, suppose that you have ten searches like:

  • A=1 B=2 | stats count
  • C | stats count
  • D E=4 | stats count
  • ...

Create an event type for each of the searches, each prefixed with X_, and create a table search as follows:

eventtype=X_* | stats count by eventtype

Or you could append the results together:

A=1 B=2 | stats count AS Value | eval Name="First Count" | append [search C | stats count | eval Name="Second Count"] | append [search D E=4 | stats count | eval Name="Third Count"] | fields Name, Value

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