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A way to dump users directly into a dashboard view?


Hi folks,

I'm building a dashboard for some seniors at my company. I've been instructed to restrict them in every way possible, and to only let them view the dashboard we made. I've changed some ACL rules on apps, view, etc to get it so they can only see the dashboard, but they are met with the "dashboard list" page when they log in, and still have to click on the name of the dashboard to view it. For old people this is a huge hurdle and causes lot of mental strain. If they were to be dumped right into the dashboard then it would be perfect.

Is there an easy way to do this or some method you guys know of?

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See this

You can have a private navigation (default.xml) for these users into etc/users// folder and set a default dashboard for them in it.


This is correct, also you can lock down so their user group can only see this app.

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