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3rd party launching splunk saved search with parameters?

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Hi - I have a button click action in a 3rd party system to launch a new browser window to my splunk instance. I can tweak the search. If I created a tokenized dashboard, is it possible to drive the tokens from the URL into the dashboard somehow?

To clarify, I am not trying to pull the dash results into the 3rd party app - the app is launching a window and I am seeing the dashboard in splunk directly, with details provided by the third party.

Thanks for any pointers!

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Re: 3rd party launching splunk saved search with parameters?


If you can dynamically populate the link the user clicks on in the third party tool then yes, you can pre-populate your dashboard by making your link look like the code below.


[URL] = the URL of your Splunk dashboard
[targettokenname] = the name of your Splunk dashboard token
[$source_value$] = the value populated from the third party tool.

Pulled from Splunk documentation here: http://docs.splunk.com/Documentation/Splunk/7.0.3/Viz/DrilldownLinkToDashboard

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