Dashboards: Session 2 - Wed 4/19/23

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Dashboards: Session 2 - Wed 4/19/23

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Published on ‎02-23-2023 12:17 PM by Community Manager | Updated on ‎06-26-2023 02:43 PM

Register here and ask questions below this thread for the Office Hours session on Dashboards & Dashboard Studio on Wed, April 19, 2023 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET.


Join our bi-weekly Office Hour series where technical Splunk experts answer questions and provide how-to guidance on a different topic every month! This is your opportunity to ask questions related to your specific challenge or use case. This Office Hours session will cover anything from getting started with Dashboard Studio to advanced visualizations and how to migrate your dashboards from Classic to Dashboard Studio.


Please submit your questions below as comments in advance. You can also head to the #office-hours user Slack channel to ask questions (request access here)


Pre-submitted questions with upvotes will be prioritized. After that, we will go in order of the questions posted below, then will open the floor up to live Q&A with meeting participants. If there’s a quick answer available, we’ll post as a direct reply.


Look forward to connecting!

Splunk Employee

Hey Everyone!

Drop your questions/comments here for any topics you'd like to see discussed in the Community Office Hours session (you can also head to the #office-hours user Slack channel to ask questions and join the discussion - request access here).

New Member

I would really love to talk through editing pre-built dashboards. Specifically, my question is around adding pickers/selectors which can interact with predefined tokens like Time. A specific example would be to clone and modify the "SOC Operations" Default ES Dashboard to adjust it with additional time slicing options, or to use the time picker instead of the default time widget already on the dashboard. Looking forward to this!

Hey there! Unfortunately, the SOC Operations dashboard in ES is not editable at the moment. We recommend submitting a Splunk Idea request for this! Other documentation here:

You can, however, do this in Dashboard Studio! Watch the Office Hours recording (emailed to you) for a demo on how to use the time range picker and time tokens in Dashboard Studio. Also check out this documentation:

Path Finder

Hi, I would like a demo of the drill-down. For example, if I user selects a value on the bar chart, then the rest of the graph should filter on a selected value.  Also is it possible to pass tokens from one dashboard to another?

Expert Solution:

  1. On the bar chart, configure a drilldown to "Set Tokens"
  2. Define a token name, then specify whether you want to use the selected field value, field name, or the value of another specified field.
  3. Then update the searches for your other charts to filter based on the token you defined.

Check out the Office Hours recording (emailed to you) for the full demo.