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Splunk Education - Fast Start Program!

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Welcome to Splunk Education! 

Splunk training programs are designed to enable you to get started quickly and stay relevant. From individual  courses to paid subscriptions, from a few minutes to a few days, our learning paths and certifications will help you get the most out of Splunk—the Data to Everything platform. 

Leverage our Splunk Education offerings to empower you or your team to predict, identify, and solve problems in real time. We focus on the tasks required to implement, manage, develop and use Splunk, so you can become self-sufficient and productive as quickly as possible. 

Where do I start? 

Great question! We have the perfect starting point for you...our Foundation Fast Start Program which is the prerequisites to all Splunk courses and learning paths. The four titles in this program are self-paced, e-learning so you can start anytime and work at your own pace.

Then, take the next step by registering in our Search Expert Fast Start program where you will learn to use different commands, build statistical reports, and manipulate data. The program consists of six instructor-led, hands-on, virtual courses delivered over 3 days. The first offerings launch on 4/11 in the US and 4/20 in UK time. (see attached PDF for details).

Remember—an investment in education is an investment in your success. Past participants who earned badges and certifications using Splunk Education courses have reported higher earnings and more promotions than their industry peers. Organizations that make use of Splunk Education are three times more likely to accomplish their Splunk-driven business objectives. 

Get on the FAST START Program today! Use this link for more details and to register for the next step in your Splunk journey. (Note: This link downloads a PDF for you which breaks down the start dates and schedule)!

— Sandra Oh,  Senior Education Marketing Manager

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