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Python SDK - using the SDK to erase particular settings from stanzas


I am using the Python SDK to add the allow_skew setting to savedsearches. 

See the generalised code snippet below: 


import splunklib.client as client

splunk_svc = client.connect(host="localhost", port=8089, username="admin", password="******")
savedsearch = splunk_svc.saved_searches["alert-splnk-test_email_v1"]

new_skew = "5m"
kwargs = {"allow_skew": new_skew}


This code works and adds 'allow_skew = 5m' to the specific savedsearch stanzas in {app/local OR system/local} / savedsearches.conf / [alert-splnk-test_email_v1]
The code can also be extended to more/all savedsearches on the platform.
It also replicates the changes in a SH Cluster, as expected.

I want to have a reliable way to remove/erase the allow_skew setting from specific savedsearches, preferably using the Python SDK.
The setting needs to be removed from the stanza, so that the allow_skew setting from system / local / savedsearches.conf / [default] is picked up.

The only other ways I could think about are: 

Any help is appreciated. 

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