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How to execute Splunk SPL with the results from a custom command?

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Im building my first own Splunk app with python. Now I'm asking if it's possible to execute Splunk SPL with the records I receive?

An example:

| input lookup data.csv | fields computer user bytes location | mycommand

Now "mycommand" receives the data in a python script.

Python -> execute "| where bytes > 7000"

Now the command should return the data.csv with bytes higher than 7000. The filtering was executed on the app.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @randomforests09

You can refer the following links for help in building a custom command:

What I suggest is, you form the whole query directly in your python script. Then execute the search from the script itself.
you will find a few examples here:

Do let me know if that helps.

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You may get more mileage out of an existing solution in Splunk by using a search macro instead a python script to execute more SPL. Check out a previously solved answer where a macro is created that takes in a token which passes through the value to the SPL:

Your example would then be this using the logic in that solution:

| inputlookup data.csv
| fields computer user bytes location 
| ` mycommand(7000)`
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