Getting error when using package toolkit - issue in manifest file?

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I've been trying to package the app using the package toolkit and found an interesting issue. I have an older manifest file that now has been updated with the platform requirements section:

"platformRequirements": {
    "splunk": {
      "Enterprise": ">=8.0.0",
      "Light": ">=8.0.0",
      "Free": ">=8.0.0"

and now when I run python -m slim package app-folder I'm getting this error:

Version requirement includes no supported version of Splunk Enterprise: >=8.0.0

I'm not really sure what that means, could someone explain? If I remove that section, it will package the app just fine. My guess is that section is not really necessary in order to publish the app, as the supported platform version could be set on the Splunkbase page, if I'm not mistaken?

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