(makecontinuous 2D x=0-9 y=0-9) Are there any built-in commands to support this?


One way is to loop thru 0-99 and mod. Are there any built-in command to support this?

use case: I want to fill the missing cells
| makeresults count=100 | streamstats current=f count | eval row=floor(count/10) | eval col=count%10 | chart sum(count) by row col

alt text

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I do not at all understand what you are asking however it appears to me that you have a solution that works, but is too cumbersome for your taste. In such cases, I create a macro to abstract away the complications and let users see "a built-in command" instead of a long string of SPL:

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It could be helpful to have a use case for this or some objective you are trying to achieve. Someone may have an answer anyway, but I think if they don't then getting some idea of what use such a thing may be put to may get more answers.