Splunk Python Script error - ImportError: No module named azure.keyvault

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Hi All,

I am trying to import azure.keyvault through Splunk script input, but i am getting the following error - ImportError: No module named azure.keyvault.

Initially i indexed events via visual studio code editor, where i installed azure.keyvault using command -pip install azure-keyvault.

Now i am trying to run the python code as Splunk script input and getting the error - no module found

I copied the azure SDK for python folders from python(which i installed) sitepackages and placed it under splunk_home/python2.7/Lib/sitepackages/ and restarted Splunk, but still it didnt work

Myscript inculdes below lines

from azure.keyvault import KeyVaultClient, KeyVaultAuthentication
from azure.common.credentials import ServicePrincipalCredentials

Please provide ur inputs

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It is possible that when you ran the pip install command the azure-keyvault module got installed in the directories pertaining to the Linux system version of Python and not the Splunk version of Python. When I have needed modules that aren't in the Splunk Python I add the module to the bin folder of my app so that it's part of the app. Installing/placing the module in Splunk's Python means that when you upgrade Splunk the module could get removed.

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