ServerSideInclude and Cache


I am using the ServerSideInclude feature to add custom javascript to a module.

The problem comes up when I take a running system and try to edit the javascript. The system seems to be unable to load any modified content. This happens on any browser but using Firebug I can see that the file has a 304 response and gives a "Failed to load error".

The end result is that my code is not loaded and I just get blanks for this. Starting and stopping splunk does not seem to help the situation.

Is there another cache I can flush to ensure the code is always loaded? Other ideas?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Have you heard of the bump endpoint ??

If you hit /info on any instance, and there's a link called static resource cache control near the bottom of the page. Click that and it'll allow you to increment the "bump" number on the instance.

We cache static files very aggressively. Ctrl+ will refresh it for you, but not for your other users. Clicking the bump endpoint works for all because it changes all the static URL's for everyhing on the entire server

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A quick way to do this via splunkweb is via http://:/_bump

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