Polycom Video Infrastructure - Monitoring with Splunk

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Any success story for this integration ? Right now i am stuck as i am trying to forward Polycom DMA syslogs to splunk and as Polycom uses UDP 514 & as this is a reserve port Splunk can't accept logs from Polcyom. Please advise, if there are other ways.

I am focusing on Quality Monitoring, end point registration & MCUs utilization.

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You can send logs to Splunk and configure any available port to listen to those syslog messages:

[tcp://<remote server>:<port>]
* Configures the input to listen on a specific TCP network port.

[udp://<remote server>:<port>]
* Configures the input to listen on a specific UDP network port.

Usually sending syslog directly to Splunk is not a best practice but you could instead use an intermediate Syslog-NG or Rsyslog to write it to disk, and have a Splunk UF monitoring those files.

If your Polycom can send HTTP data, you can also enabel HEC on Splunk Indexers and listen to that stream of data directly into Splunk:

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