Invalid earliest_time error using the java SDK

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I'm trying to search using a time range and the query works fine from the UI but when I use curl from the command line, I get a FATAL_ERROR invalid earliest_time error.

curl -u admin:password -k https://localhost:8089/services/search/jobs -d search="search *" -d earliest_time="10/30/2014:0:0:0" -d latest_time="10/30/2014:24:0:0"

What's wrong with the time format?

Update: I did try querying time in the format specified in the _time field and that worked but then the documentation states that the time format I used earlier should also work. Is the documentation incorrect?

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In poking through the returned data - when it did work it looks like the format should be.


Example: 2015-05-02T07:30:00

You can also append your timezone at the end as well. Really this is way harder than it should be.


The same problem happens in the splunk CLI tool.

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Can anyone provide an answer to this query?

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