How to send log from Wordpress or PHP website to Splunk?

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We want to send custom logs from Wordpress Website to Splunk account. We already have a Splunk account.

We tried with PHP SDK but it looks like it is depreciated. We also like to know why The Splunk Software Development Kit for PHP is Deprecated?
We also try to connect the WordPress website with Splunk by using one Plugin called MiragetConnector but this plugin also giving error.

Our end goal is to send the log to Splunk either by using PHP or by using any plugin from WordPress. Please let us know how can we achieve it? If we can do it by using any paid service then also we are open to it.

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You could send your log to the Splunk Http Event Collector (HEC). curl to HEC; you can send raw or JSON.

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Use the Universal Forwarder, and ingest the Apache/Nginx logs

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