How to detect and fill default value to empty-value field ?



When i did a search on my SQL data, there are a lot of empty-value fields, which don't contain anything, i want to fill them up with value "" , but i cannot find any efficient method to achieve that.

I tried fillnull function , but it didn't work through. If i do it by hand, like

eval field=case(isnull(field),"",NOT isnull(field),field)

it works, but if there are nearly 100 fields, it's impossible.

So can you suggest me a solution for that ?

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as i specified in my question, fillnull value=NULL doesn't work. It only works in case there is at least one value of the field is not empty, but if all the value of that field are empty , it doesn't work


I have the same problem as @sieutruc, posted another question to hopefully get some answers on this.

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What didn't work with fillnull?

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