How can i throw an alert message thorugh custom javascript ?



I need through a alert message .if the search query of the form yields zero results can i do that with the custom java script function. i have seen documentation about custom.js but couldn't get my head around..

pls help

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See this :

Which is a response your question

Alter option 3 to create the alert.


If you couldn't get your head around it then you should probably consider this out of scope for the time being until you're more comfortable with javascript. Your comment seems to suggest that in every case its user error but it would seem to me that it could just be that their search terms don't return any results, as expected. Personally I'd just keep the behaviour that Splunk already has, its fairly clear when no results are returned

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No..say i have form . and the form searh doesnt return me any tat case can i have provision to show a alert box which is available in javascript to show the user "No results found .please use proper input" message..


please be more clear. what are you trying to do here? run a script when an alert occurs in splunk?

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