How can I have the auto db-lookups in distributed environment?

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I am aware that the auto-lookup functionality is not supported with db-lookups, due to constrain of running the db-lookup locally only on the search head.

Example - index=test | lookup local=1 mysqltable ipaddress as clientip OUTPUT host | table clientip, host

Which is not achievable with auto-lookup.

Is there any work-around to this ?
Can I install db-connect app on the indexers as well and have the streaming db-lookup running on both the instances, indexers + search head ?

Using distributed environment (1 HFWD, 2 IDX, 1 SH), on Splunk 6.0.4 (build 207768), dbx 1.1.6. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!


hi i'm try to solve this probleme

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