Extracting data using xpath

source="D:\\SplunkLogs\\HI_IR.xml"|xmlkv|xpath "//HI_IN//IMK[TY_ID="\234\"]//RE_N" outfield=RE_N|stats values(RE_N)

This is the code what i have tried to fetch the RE_N value which associate with TY_ID=234. But it is fetching all the RE_N value in the file. I want only RE_N value which associate with the particular TY_ID=234. Please help. This the code which I have tried which is available in Splunk DOC.

xpath "//DataSet[sname=\"BARC\"]/instrument_id" outfield=instrument_id

But this is not working.
this is a model of xml code I am working with

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" ?>
<HI_IN XMLNS="....">




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Try xpath outfield=RE_N "//HI_IN/IMK[TY_ID="234"]/RE_N"

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