Extract the Data from two line of the logs

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I need some help to extract the data from two lines as specified above but unable to do that.
Following are the two log lines

2013-01-18 17:54:50,188 [PxtId - 699479170] [PId - (null)] [MID: 157] DEBUG CloudComputingServiceInterceptor - Operation context: PyathonxId : 699479170, ApplicationId: CComp2, UserId: 7, Id: 1

5:54:50.188 PM 2013-01-18 17:54:50,188 [PxtId - 699479170] [PId - (null)] [MID: 157] DEBUG Cloud.Computing.Service - Enter GetNewData ...

PxtID is common in both the cases and i need to find based on UserId: (variable) how many times "Enter GetNewData ..." has been called....

Something like following
UserID: 7 = 15
UserID: 2 = 10
If i provide UserId in the query it provide me the logs so I can count manually.

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Re: Extract the Data from two line of the logs

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I'm not sure if I completely understand your question, but I'm assuming that PxtId is unique to each pair? If so, you can use a transaction to group those pairs into a single event, then do a count by UserId:

your search to isolate those two types of logs | transaction PxtId | chart count by UserId

This is assuming that both PxtID and UserId have been parsed as fields. You can do a similar search using a join on PxtId.

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