Display/Hide Panel based on Radio button and Dropdown input

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I have two Inputs, One is dropdown which specifies the type of File Incoming or Outgoing and another is Radio button which has three levels of SLA like Met, Warn, Breach. I want to display panel based on file type that can be selected using dropdown and level of SLA. How to check the values set by both tokens Change condition.

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@ravichandra49 Refer below link It will guide you to hide/display panel based on input value-

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@493669 I need to display panel based on combination of two Inputs value, one from drop down and one from radio buton, the link you gave is for one input. Something like below, but its not working

<condition match=$slatoken$==MET and $filetypetoken$==INCOMING>
<set token="MET">true</set>
<set token="INCOMING">true</set>
<unset token="WARN"></unset>
<unset token="BREACH"></unset>
<unset token="OUTGOING"></unset>
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