Creating an APP and setting a custom HTML Webpag

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Hello everybody,

Well, i'm trying to create a new application on splunk but and i want to create a new custom page to substitute splunk's default search page, but i dont know how to do that i search on splunk answer a little bit but anything works to me.

Idk where to put my HTML page and how set Splunk to get those pages.

If someone could help and put more details about paths, etc.

Obs.: I just create my app and i don't have anything inside, any dashboard or whatever. My app is called CCM_Reports and i create with barebone template.

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Re: Creating an APP and setting a custom HTML Webpag

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This is done by modifying the navigation menu which is defined in the default.xml file located in the following path:


You can find more information on this as well as how to make other customizations similar to this here:

The actual views or the content of the landing page will go in:


The static content for the HTML files go into the following paths:


Under here you would have directories and associated files for html, css, images, and js. Here's some documentation around this too:

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