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i'm working on a master thesis wich splunk ist one of the software. I don't have very much experiance with splunk so i have some problems.

I want have some log datas from 3 produkts. I don't want use SNMP traps or syslog. So I have taken the folder analyse option. But there i have te big problem, that i could's get the informations.

Therefor I have the question if it is possible to get the information on that way or if someone know how i can get this data?

The Produkts are:
Avira Small Business Suite
Fortinet Analyzer 100C
Backup Exec Small Business Suite
HP Insight Manager

Thank you very much!

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Thanks a lot for your answers and the link. So i'm now back on trap 😉

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

as MuS says, Splunk will index any non-binary data. if you're testing it on new data, i'd recommend using a test index so you can iteratively try out different input configurations:


Hi hedima

basically you can add anything into splunk, like it is written in the docs
so if you have a non-binary log file of any of those application, splunk can read and index it for you.