Can an Oracle database be used as a data source for Splunk DB Connect?

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I have my log files stored on an Oracle Database. I would like Splunk to view those log files and use them as a data source.

I work at a lab information management systems software company, and we create the LIMS systems and they of course do a lot of logging to an oracle database using log4j.

Can splunk view those logs and use them as a data source? Thanks

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Also take a look at this white paper: It's a basic step-by-step “how to” for Oracle DB monitoring using a variety of data inputs including various log files, the audit trail, trigger-based TCP inputs, shell scripts, and Splunk DB Connect. Common lookup tables, field extractions, reports, and dashboards are also described.

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Hi. Yes, you can use the Splunk DB Connect app (installed on a Splunk Enterprise instance) to view, query, and input data from your Oracle database into Splunk for search and analysis.

For download and installation instructions:

For db compatibility and requirements: