Brief explaination about valuesetter


Guys, what is valueSetter?
how does it work?
why we need it?

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ValueSetter is a UI module that is a part of Sideview Utils.
Go to the Sideview Utils app in your Splunk instance and go to

"Module Documentation > The ValueSetter modules > The ValueSetter module"

In short, ValueSetter does a lot of simple $foo$-token setting and manipulation that comes in useful in quirky cases where you would otherwise need to write a little custom Javascript.

Some examples:

-- if you want to have a hidden default for some $foo$ token, you would use "allowClobber",
-- if you want to prepopulate a form element module like a CheckboxPulldown, that renders its options dynamically, you'd use a ValueSetter with the same value for the "name" param.
-- if you need to manually do various escaping or encoding steps on your $foo$ tokens in a very advanced case, there are params for that.

-- if you want to set some other $foo$ token to some value but only if one or more other $foo$ tokens have non-empty values, you would use "requiredKeys"
-- if you're doing very advanced stuff with multiple selection or line-break separated user input where you want to turn a key into an array and then turn that into a large boolean expression, you would use ValueSetter's "delim" param to split the key, and then ArrayValueSetter to construct your boolean expression.
-- if you want to do some simple conditional logic, setting some $foo$ tokens to different values depending on the values of other foo tokens, you would use one or more "if.*" params. (these are very advanced).

In short, ValueSetter is designed to come in handy in a very long list of annoying scenarios where you need something that's just a little bit smart. You can always define a Sideview customBehavior in your javascript but if you're not comfortable writing JS, ValueSetter can often get the job done.

Definitely make sure you're on the latest Sideview Utils, and check out the documentation at

"Module Documentation > The ValueSetter modules > The ValueSetter module"

Note that the latest version of Sideview Utils is 3.2 and that you can only get it from the Sideview site at
It is free for internal use and if you have any questions about further licensing details they're most likely answered in this licensing FAQ:


Hi. I want to do something but not sure If I can do it with Sideview > ValueSetter.

  1. In some page or place set a var, let's say $my_alert_threshold = 1000.
  2. In the the dashboard X, use $my_alert_threshold in a graph.
  3. Also, use $my_alert_threshold in alert X as its trigger condition.
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