Are there differences using Splunk on different operating systems?

Are there differences using Splonk on different operating systems?
Maybe we would setup Splunk on a Server, but we are not shure which operating system we should use for this.
Are there any advantages using some kind of unix or other systems?
Thanks in advance

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Let me second that and add a tiny bit more.

Supported is supported, so pick one that's supported and you'll be fine.

IMO, pick what you are most comfortable with. I've run Windows and *nix and honestly they're very nearly the same when it comes to Splunk. If you are equally comfortable in both, and if both platforms will fit into your enviroment well, then I'd give a slight edge to *nix if only because it seems it's slightly more popular and thus it's just a tiny bit easier to get community support. But they both will work fine.