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why do i cannot get list of app in Splunk Mobile App?



I've installed the Mobile Access Server ,and set MAS and splunk connection successfully, also Configured display settings for Splunk Enterprise apps and dashboards on MAS console.

i loginned on MAS by using admin role( admin/passwd/x.x.x.x:443) on iPhone, but i cannot get any dashboard or list of splunk app. “No Splunk Apps yet, Please contact your admin”

Any advice for me ? TKS.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The Splunk Mobile Access Server has been deprecated since v2.1 that is released in last Sep. Instead, we develop a new add-on called Splunk Add-on for Mobile Access, It's much more easy to deploy, just install it as other apps or add-on, then you can use the v2.2 Splunk Mobile App to access all the dashboards, reports, alerts on your mobile device. The add-on can be downloaded here:

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Did you follow the steps outlined here to enable the apps & dashboards you want to serve up on the mobile app?

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